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Wild & Scenic FIlm Festival Sneak Peek Screening

Wild & Scenic FIlm Festival Sneak Peek Screening

Screening 1: The Fable of the Wolf, 3 min.

A long time ago wolves and men hunted together, but over time this relationship changed. This animated short explores the relationship between wolf and man and how that relationship has affected wild ecosystems.

Screening 2: Invisible Ocean: Plankton & Plastic, 9 min.

Invisible Ocean: Plankton & Plastic’ follows NYC sci-artist Mara Haseltine as she create a sculpture to reveal a microscopic threat beneath the surface of the ocean. During a Tara Oceans expedition to study the health of the oceans, Haseltine finds an unsettling presence in samples of plankton she collected. The discovery inspires her to create a sculpture that shows that the microscopic ocean world affects all life on Earth. The film features Mara G. Haseltine, Christian Sardet (The Plankton Chronicles, TARA Oceans) and Mark Anthony Browne (Ecologist NCEAS).

Screening 3: Think Like a Scientist: Boundaries, 7 min. 

Humans construct boundaries — around our homes, our neighborhoods, and our nations — to bring order to a chaotic world. But we rarely consider how these boundaries affect other creatures.  Meet conservation photographer Krista Schlyer, who has spent the last seven years documenting the environmental effects of the U.S./Mexico border wall, and biologist Jon Beckmann, who studies how man-made barriers influence the movement of wildlife. Schlyer and Beckmann have seen damaging impacts of the border wall firsthand, but they remain optimistic. Humans probably won’t stop constructing walls and fences any time soon, but planning our boundaries with wildlife in mind can help prevent these structures

Screening 4: Plant for the Planet, 6 min.

Eleven-year-old Felix Finkbeiner from Germany learned about climate change and how trees take up CO2. Inspired by Wangari Maathai, he founded Plant for the Planet which has now planted millions of trees. This and the other Young Voices for the Planet films document young people playing a vital role in catalyzing change in their homes, schools, communities… and the world.

Screening 5: The Gnomist, 20 min.

This true story follows the mysterious appearance of fairy homes in a suburban forest and the magical experience shared by three women.

Screening 6: About the Hard Life of the Barn Swallow, 5 min. 

The life of a Barn Swallow is not easy. Everything gets mixed up on the way back home from Africa, bigger birds are pesky, ghastly shadows from previous centuries annoyingly stalky, the clay is all gone and the barn locked at night.

Screening 7: Paper to Plants, 3 min.

Tinybop, a Brooklyn-based startup making educational apps for kids, asked artist Kelli Anderson to imagine the experience of a child stepping into our app, Plants. Inspired by the app’s original illustrations by Marie Caudry, Kelli and Daniel Dunnam cut this stop-motion forest — entirely out of paper.

Location: Seaboard Depot Art Studios

Contact: Paige Swift

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