As one of Georgia's first Camera Ready cities, we are ready to play any role.

You've seen our work before.  We've played a variety of roles in several familiar movies.  As a seasoned performer, we take direction well and have the versatility to assime a broad range of roles, in front of or behind the lens.

As a Georgia Camera Ready Community, we can provide local, one-on-one assistance in every aspect of production, from location scouting and film permits to traffic control, catering and lodging.  The Camera Ready designation means we're ready to provide easier, faster, and better access to production resources and location information.  For more information on the many roles of Columbus, call today.  We're ready for our closeup.

Please contact Joel Slocumb or Shelby Guest at the Film Commission at VisitColumbusGA for Camera Ready assistance at 800.999.1613.